core values

core values can be an incredible force within any organization that chooses to identify and promote them

we think core values can’t be some ideological thing we dreamed up while sitting on the can reading the latest issue of dollar shave club newsletter

they have to be born naturally



we all make decisions based on subconscious structures, beliefs or tendencies and sometimes don’t understand

we may have people on our team that we are drawn to and connect with but never take the time to understand what it is about them specifically that draws us together

its a careful process of exploring individual attributes of each individual on the team and identifying the values that we value

identify the values that make your team so awesome

then get more

believe in them

hire and fire by them

purge out the bad stuff

coach and encourage them

call them when you see them

also call the bad ones when you see them

but mostly call the good ones

the results are amazing

that I can tell you. #trumptrain


the will

The Will to Conquer is the first condition of Victory.

How’s that Justin?

a story


this is about a hamster who lived in a cage for a long time then got out

he was happy in his hamster cage cuz he had never been outside his hamster cage and his hamster cage was all he knew and it was safe

but then he started to peak thru the bars

he saw other animals running around eating what they chose and walking wherever they wanted

he noticed that they didn’t have a large backpack full of food and they didn’t carry maps – but they still ate most of the time and they always had somewhere to go

and then he started to get tired of running the wheel

tired of eating the same meals

he started thinking that there was other things to eat

and other things to do besides run on the hamster wheel

he liked the security of the hamster cage cuz the cat who strayed nearby couldn’t get him and he never had to worry about his future and his master always brought him food

he knew that if he stayed in the hamster cage he would always have a place to live and food to eat

one day his master left the door unlocked

the hamster crept out in the night

he discovered a huge open field where he found nummy little grubs to eat

they tasted good

and there were all sorts of types

he knew if he got tired of one type he could eat a different type or he could eat worms or bugs

he snuck back into his cage

and hatched a plan

when the time was right he made his escape

he ran as fast as he could to the field

but he didn’t stop there

he ran and ran and ran till he found mountains and hills and green grass

he gleefully hopped along and farted with happiness

he found other hamsters that used to live in cages too and he wasn’t alone

his master came by to pet him in his cage and feed him some pellets but he was gone

so the master had to go to the pet store and buy another hamster

lucky for the master there are plenty of hamsters at the pet store

principals and values are the best rudder 

negative ghost rider

am I mad?


is being mad gonna fix it?

what will?

being mad is the easy part

mr clean told me once that if people get mad that means they care

so it’s a good sign but it’s not over

let’s convert it to drive or passion and make it awesome

Two Choices

every morning we wake up with two choices: 

stay in bed with your dreams or get up, grab life in your teeth and jerk it around like a junk yard dog